CQJP January and TAST Week 4

The stitch for week 4 was the Cretan stitch which is related to the Buttonhole stitch.  It was used on the Island of Crete for centuries to decorate their clothing.  I still prefer the plain Buttonhole stitch.  I liked the way the stitches put together made a chicken wire design.  I do admire what others are doing with their stitches!



                                                                                                           Cretan Stitch



I used the Cretan Stitch on the 4th quarter of my January Crazy Quilt Project.  I added silver rickrack and some plain Buttonhole Stitch as well.





My JANUARY CRAZY QUILT square is finished!  I am making one 12 inch square a month so I am off to a good start.



2 responses to “CQJP January and TAST Week 4

  1. I really like your block! The seam embellishment is a nice way to show off each stitch. I especially like the stitching around the stars, the tatted star, and the fan shape in the corner. The little buttonhole half circle seam treatment is neat! Great work!

  2. Very nice block, and I like the way you used the cretan stitch.

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