CQJP March and TAST week 11

The Take A Stitch Tuesday stitch for week 11 was a stitch with a number of different names.   Whipped spiders wheel, raised spider’s web wheel,  ribbed wheel and back stitched spider’s web.  After finishing my sample I realized I had worked mine upside down!  So I added a few done the correct way.  I liked doing this stitch both ways…. but I have to admit the right way was the better way. 



                                         Back Stitched Spider’s Web



On the third quarter of my Crazy Quilt Journal Project I used the Back Stitched Spider’s Web…..as well as doing it upside down.  I liked the part I did first to well to take it out.  This is a new stitch for me and I really enjoyed doing it.  I used it to make shamrocks.  Than I tatted a couple of small shamrocks as well.    I also used the running stitch and couching stitch, as well as adding some rick rack and lace.



One response to “CQJP March and TAST week 11

  1. I like your upside down spiders! Wonder if there is a name for it stitched that way???

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