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CQJP and TAST week 17


The Wheatear stitch is this weeks stitch for  Take A Stitch Tuesday. This was a brand new stitch for me.  It was a bit hard at the start but I really liked it the more I did it.





On the forth quarter of my April Crazy Quilt Journal Project  I added the Wheatear stitch in two colors and a motif from some lace.




This completes my APRIL CQJP BLOCK……..4 down and 8 to go.



CQJP & TAST week 16

This weeks stitch for Take A Stitch Tuesday was French Knot…also known as French dot, knotted stitch, twisted knot stitch and wound stitch.  All but the wound stitch seemed appropriate.  I had only used this stitch as the center of flowers on pillowcases so I tried it as an outline for some cactus shapes.






On the third quarter of my April Crazy Quilt Journal Project I already had some rickrack.  This quarter is very simple with only the addition of a little running stitch and French knot stitches.




We left Yuma, Az and are now in Vacaville, CA waiting to visit our daughter Cindy when she arrives home from  San Miguel, Mexico where she and the veterinarian she works with have been doing a teaching trip to an under served area.  They do more trips in the USA. Read about this program at


Week 13 was a catch up week for those who had gotten behind.


Take A Stitch Tuesday stitch was the Satin   stitch.  I didn’t  do very well with this stitch. I used metallic thread and it gave me a hard time.  I also had lots going on as we prepare  to leave the RV park in  Yuma, AZ where we spend the winter.





On the first quarter of my block for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project I used  the Satin stitch, the fly stitch and running stitch .  I also used some gold rickrack to match  the gold rain drops. I like my color choices.