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CQJP and TAST week 51 December 2012


The third week of December the stitch for Take A Stitch Tuesday was Knotted Chain Stitch.  I also used some Buttonhole stitch as well as some rick rack attached with gold thread using the  Couching  stitch.  This is the final TAST stitch for the year.





The third quarter of my December Block Crazy Quilt Journal Project was done with the knotted Chain Stitch as well as

Buttonhole Stitch.





The finished Crazy Quilt Journal Project  December Block includes  the previous December stitches as well as this weeks  Knotted Chain Stitch, Rick rack attached with  Couching Stitch and  a tatted Candy Cane done with Lizbeth size 20 thread.


This completes all 12 Crazy Quilt Blocks for the year.  I have enjoyed working on the TAST and CQJP  and adding tatting to the Blocks also.    Now I just have to decide how to put the Blocks together!

CQJP and TAST week 50 December 2012


The second week of December the stitch for Take A Stitch Tuesday was called by three names, Berry Stitch, Double lazy daisy stitch or Double detached chain stitch.





For the second week of my December Crazy Quilt Journal Project I used the Double detached chain stitch as well as Chain stitch, French Knot, and Buttonhole stitch.




CQPJ and TAST week 49 December 1012

The first week in December  for Take A Stitch Tuesday  used the Buttonhole Eyelet flower stitch.   This stitch is a combination of Button hole wheel and Bullion stitch which we had earlier in the year.




For the first week of my December block for Crazy Quilt Journal Project I used the Buttonhole Eyelet flower stitch as well as  plain Buttonhole stitch,  Chain stitch, and French Knot stitch.

CQPJ and TAST week 48 November 2012

The the last week of November Take A Stitch Tuesday used the Arrow or Arrowhead Stitch.   A relaxing stitch to do.




The fourth week of November Crazy Quilt Journal Project used the Arrowhead stitch which I  really enjoyed doing.  To complete this week I added a tatted autumn leaf made with Lizbeth thread.




This completes my Crazy Quilt Block for November!  Only one more month to go……….Yeah!

CQJP and TAST week 47

The 3rd week of November the Take A Stitch Tuesday stitch was the Portuguese Border Stitch.

This was an interesting stitch which involved 3 steps.   The base, the first side and the second side.





On the 3rd quarter of my November Crazy Quilt Journal Project I used the  Portuguese DSC08719Border Stitch  in several different colors.

CQJP and TAST week 46


The Take A Stitch Tuesday stitch for the 2nd week in November was a type of Chain stitch.   Called  Magic chain  stitch or Chequered chain stitch it was a fun stitch to work.  It was done using 2 threads on one needle.



After using the Magic chain stitch on the 2nd quarter of my Crazy Quilt Journal Project November block  it is half done.



CQJP and TAST week 45

The stitch for the 1st week in November Take A Stitch Tuesday  was similar to last week.   The difference was this was Open base Needlewoven picot rather than closed.   Once again it used the weaving which I enjoyed.  This reminds me of Teneriff embroidery which I have done on shirts.





I enjoyed using the Open base Needlwoven picot stitch on the first quarter of my November Crazy Quilt Journal Project Block.  I am using earth colors for my November block.



CQJP and TAST week 44

The stitch for the last week in October for Take A Stitch Tuesday week 44 had two names.  Closed base needlewoven picot or Needlewoven picot leaf.

It was a neat stitch.  I enjoyed the weaving.     With a 5th Tuesday in October I added my week’s stitch to last weeks stitch.




To complete my October Crazy Quilt Journal Project Block I added the TAST Needlewoven picot leaf stitch and also a tatted  Kokopelli  to go along with the

Southwest theme of this block.  This was a fun Block!



CQJP and TAST week 43


An interesting stitch this week on Take A Stitch Tuesday.  Called Buttonhole Wheel Cup Stitch it used button hole and detached buttonhole stitches.





The 4th quarter of my Crazy Quilt Journal Project Block for October used the Buttonhole Wheel Cup Stitch. I did a half wheel instead of a whole one.



Since I have another TAST stitch for October I will finish my block next week.

CQJP and TAST week 41

The stitch for week 41 of Take A Stitch Tuesday was Knotted Loop Stitch.  It was an ok stitch.





This week was the second quarter of my October Crazy Quilt Journal Project block.   The Knotted Loop stitch worked well on this, my southwest Block.  I used Lizbeth thread in Falling leaves and Med Blue.