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CQJP & TAST week 16

This weeks stitch for Take A Stitch Tuesday was French Knot…also known as French dot, knotted stitch, twisted knot stitch and wound stitch.  All but the wound stitch seemed appropriate.  I had only used this stitch as the center of flowers on pillowcases so I tried it as an outline for some cactus shapes.






On the third quarter of my April Crazy Quilt Journal Project I already had some rickrack.  This quarter is very simple with only the addition of a little running stitch and French knot stitches.




We left Yuma, Az and are now in Vacaville, CA waiting to visit our daughter Cindy when she arrives home from  San Miguel, Mexico where she and the veterinarian she works with have been doing a teaching trip to an under served area.  They do more trips in the USA. Read about this program at

CQJP March and TAST week 11

The Take A Stitch Tuesday stitch for week 11 was a stitch with a number of different names.   Whipped spiders wheel, raised spider’s web wheel,  ribbed wheel and back stitched spider’s web.  After finishing my sample I realized I had worked mine upside down!  So I added a few done the correct way.  I liked doing this stitch both ways…. but I have to admit the right way was the better way. 



                                         Back Stitched Spider’s Web



On the third quarter of my Crazy Quilt Journal Project I used the Back Stitched Spider’s Web… well as doing it upside down.  I liked the part I did first to well to take it out.  This is a new stitch for me and I really enjoyed doing it.  I used it to make shamrocks.  Than I tatted a couple of small shamrocks as well.    I also used the running stitch and couching stitch, as well as adding some rick rack and lace.



CQJP February and TAST week 8


The Take a Stitch Tuesday stitch for week 8 was  the Chain Stitch.  I learned this as a child.





On the 4th quarter of my Crazy Quilt Journal Project I used the Chain Stitch and Detached Chain Stitch.

This quarter also contains some of the applique hearts applied with Buttonhole stitch and my Tatted

hearts and flowers.




MY FEBRUARY CRAZY QUILT PROJECT……is complete and I am very pleased with it!



CQJP February and TAST Week 6


The stitch for week 6 of the Take A Stitch Tuesday  challenge was the Chevron stitch. 






On the 2nd quarter of my Crazy Quilt Journal Project I used both a Chevron stitch and Chevron stitch half.   I used a Buttonhole stitch  to applique

fabric hearts to the block.



CQJP January and TAST Week 4

The stitch for week 4 was the Cretan stitch which is related to the Buttonhole stitch.  It was used on the Island of Crete for centuries to decorate their clothing.  I still prefer the plain Buttonhole stitch.  I liked the way the stitches put together made a chicken wire design.  I do admire what others are doing with their stitches!



                                                                                                           Cretan Stitch



I used the Cretan Stitch on the 4th quarter of my January Crazy Quilt Project.  I added silver rickrack and some plain Buttonhole Stitch as well.





My JANUARY CRAZY QUILT square is finished!  I am making one 12 inch square a month so I am off to a good start.



CQJP January and TAST Week 3

The stitch for week 3 was the Feather stitch.  Not my favorite stitch, but I like the way putting them together made hearts.

It is in the Buttonhole family.


                                                                                                                  Feather Stitch


I used the Feather Stitch on the 3rd quarter of my January Crazy Quilt Journal Project.  I also added a simple tatted Snow woman.


CQJP January and TAST Week 2

The TAST stitch for week  2 was Buttonhole stitch.  I tried several variations.

Sewing my own clothes as a teenager I made many buttonholes but didn’t know anything about variations.



                                            BUTTONHOLE STITCH


I used the buttonhole stitches on a quarter of  my January CQJP crazy quilt block.


                                         CQJP  JANUARY BLOCK