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CQJP and TAST week 35

The stitch for Take A Stitch Tuesday was Sheaf Stitch.  This was a fun stitch.  It is the horizontal stitch below.




I used the Sheaf Stitch on the curved fan edge of my 4th quarter of my Crazy Quilt Journal Project block for August.




I tatted a smaller flower to complete My Crazy Quilt Journal Project block for August.  Eight blocks completed!



CQJP and TAST week 23


Week 23 was a catch up week for Take A Stitch Tuesday

so those who had gotten behind  would have a chance to get caught up.  h

Since no stitches were given I decided to use 2 I liked from earlier weeks.

I used Buttonhole stitch from week 1 and Herringbone stitch from week 5.





For the first quarter of my June Crazy quilt Journal Project

I used 2 stitches from previous weeks.   Buttonhole and Herringbone stitches from weeks 1 and 5.  My fabrics for June are purples.  I added a small purple tatted flower.



CQJP and TAST week 22

Week 22  Take A Stitch Tuesday was similar to one we had before but with a knot added.  It was called Knotted Cretan Stitch. Since this was a 5th week in the month I added it to my 4th week.




I have been doing my Crazy Quilt Journal Project block in four quarters so since I had a fifth weeks stitch I added it to the center of my May Block.




My May Crazy Quilt Journal Project is finished!   I like the spring feel of my flower block with its tatted flowers and butterfly.