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CQPJ and TAST week 49 December 1012

The first week in December  for Take A Stitch Tuesday  used the Buttonhole Eyelet flower stitch.   This stitch is a combination of Button hole wheel and Bullion stitch which we had earlier in the year.




For the first week of my December block for Crazy Quilt Journal Project I used the Buttonhole Eyelet flower stitch as well as  plain Buttonhole stitch,  Chain stitch, and French Knot stitch.

CQJP and TAST week 36


This first week of September was a catchup week for Take A Stitch Tuesday   week 36.  I decided to repeat the French Knot Stitch.




For the first quarter of my September Crazy Quilt Journal ProjectI used French Knot Stitch in several colors and also added a tatted flower.



CQJP & TAST week 16

This weeks stitch for Take A Stitch Tuesday was French Knot…also known as French dot, knotted stitch, twisted knot stitch and wound stitch.  All but the wound stitch seemed appropriate.  I had only used this stitch as the center of flowers on pillowcases so I tried it as an outline for some cactus shapes.






On the third quarter of my April Crazy Quilt Journal Project I already had some rickrack.  This quarter is very simple with only the addition of a little running stitch and French knot stitches.




We left Yuma, Az and are now in Vacaville, CA waiting to visit our daughter Cindy when she arrives home from  San Miguel, Mexico where she and the veterinarian she works with have been doing a teaching trip to an under served area.  They do more trips in the USA. Read about this program at