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CQJP and TAST week 26

The stitch for week 26 of Take A Stitch Tuesday  was  Palestrina stitch, also known as Double knot stitch, Tied coral stitch, Old English knot stitch and Twilling stitch.





The 4th quarter of the June Crazy Quilt Journal Project

used the Palestrina stitch.  There are also some Herringbone and Cable chain stitch as well as silver rick rack on this last quarter of June’s Block.   Another months block completed.

CQJP and TAST week 25

This weeks stitch for Take A Stitch Tuesday  was the Cable Chain stitch.  I found that if I made a mistake I wasn’t able to back up and correct it….so had to be very careful as I did the stitch.




On the third week of my Crazy Quilt Journal Project block for June  I used the Cable Chain stitch as well as chain stitch and running stitch.  It also has some silver rick rack and I tatted a purple butterfly  to add as well.

CQJP and TAST week 24


This weeks stitch has several names.  Buttonhole wheel, wheel stitch, and buttonhole rings.  It is a fun stitch.  I enjoyed doing this weeks Take A Stitch Tuesday.





On the second quarter of my June Crazy Quilt Journal Project

I used this week’s’ stitch the Buttonhole wheel as well as several others.  The others being running stitch, chain stitch, and detached chain stitch.  I also added a small piece of silver rickrack.



CQJP and TAST week 23


Week 23 was a catch up week for Take A Stitch Tuesday

so those who had gotten behind  would have a chance to get caught up.  h

Since no stitches were given I decided to use 2 I liked from earlier weeks.

I used Buttonhole stitch from week 1 and Herringbone stitch from week 5.





For the first quarter of my June Crazy quilt Journal Project

I used 2 stitches from previous weeks.   Buttonhole and Herringbone stitches from weeks 1 and 5.  My fabrics for June are purples.  I added a small purple tatted flower.