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CQJP and TAST week 43


An interesting stitch this week on Take A Stitch Tuesday.  Called Buttonhole Wheel Cup Stitch it used button hole and detached buttonhole stitches.





The 4th quarter of my Crazy Quilt Journal Project Block for October used the Buttonhole Wheel Cup Stitch. I did a half wheel instead of a whole one.



Since I have another TAST stitch for October I will finish my block next week.

CQJP and TAST week 41

The stitch for week 41 of Take A Stitch Tuesday was Knotted Loop Stitch.  It was an ok stitch.





This week was the second quarter of my October Crazy Quilt Journal Project block.   The Knotted Loop stitch worked well on this, my southwest Block.  I used Lizbeth thread in Falling leaves and Med Blue.



CQJP and TAST week 40

Week 40 of Take A Stitch Tuesday used the Beaded Hedelo Stitch.  It was an interesting stitch which took several steps to complete.





The first quarter of my Crazy Quilt Journal Project block for October used the Beaded Hedelo Stitch, but without the beads.     This block is done in Southwest fabrics.



TAST and CQJP week 39

Guess I had a problem with my computer hook up as I thought this was posted but just discovered it wasn’t.  Oh well here it is.

The Take A Stitch Tuesday stitch for the last week in September was Knotted Buttonhole Stitch.  This was a new one for me and I liked it because I like Buttonhole Stitch.  This was a lot like Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch except with a knot added.





The fourth quarter of my September block for Crazy Quilt Journal Project used the Knotted Buttonhole Stitch. 




This completes My September Crazy Quilt Journal Project!  I enjoyed working with the sunflower fabrics.



TAST and CQJP week 38

The stitch for Take A Stitch Tuesday week 38 was Drizzle Stitch.  I didn’t like the way the stitch stuck up when I made it so tacked the end down and than felt better about the result.





The third quarter of my September Crazy Quilt Journal Project block used the Drizzle Stitch.   I tacked the stitch down at the end so it would fit better on my block.  I also added green tatted leaves to my block.



CQJP and TAST week 37


The second week of September the Take A Stitch Tuesday used the Pistil Stitch for week 37.  This is a French Knot stitch with a tail.   It is an interesting stitch.  As we are vacationing I kept my sample simple. 




Once again I had time only to do the simplest Pistil Stitch on the second quarter of my September Crazy Quilt Journal Project block.  Perhaps I will add more to it later.  The stitch doesn’t show up very well.  I used Lizbeth thread on it.



CQJP and TAST week 36


This first week of September was a catchup week for Take A Stitch Tuesday   week 36.  I decided to repeat the French Knot Stitch.




For the first quarter of my September Crazy Quilt Journal ProjectI used French Knot Stitch in several colors and also added a tatted flower.